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Dragon Quest III box art (Super Famicom, 1996)

SKYRIM CHALLENGE: (Day 2) Favorite Class
Rogue? Mage? Warrior? Other?


Moon Hunters Screenshots (PS4/Vita)


Moon Hunters

Forge your hero into a legend in this oldschool, multiplayer RPG. Coming to PS4 and PS Vita next year.

(Quelle: blog.us.playstation.com)


New Pokemon 3DSes, covers up for preorder ⊟

These limited edition Pokemon 3DSes, which will be hawked exclusively through Japan’s Pokemon Centers, aren’t going to up for sale long, so you’re going to want to preorder one pronto. They’re $336.99 each at Play Asia, but take note that they’re the New 3DSes that come with suede cover plates and custom Home menu themes. You can get either the White one with Kyogre or the Black system with Groudon.

And while the non-limited-edition New 3DS systems aren’t up for preorder anymore, you can reserve one of the 38 different cover plates for the system. They’re priced at $19.99 each, which is more than I expected, but I’m probably going to buy one anyway as soon as I somehow manage to pick a favorite. New 3DS charger stands (available in Black, White, Mint, and Pink) are available to preorder too. Thanks to NintendoTweet for the links!



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